Bolt Coloring Pages – 10 Unforgettable Coloring Pictures of Bolt

Bolt Coloring Pages – 10 Unforgettable Coloring Pictures of Bolt: In 2008, Walt Disney produced an American computer-animated movie named Bolt. It was a comedy adventure and it was loved by people of all age groups. It was a story of a cute puppy named Bolt who was adopted by a sweet girl Penny. Penny used to protect this little girl penny from enemies with the help of his superpowers.

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So due to the love and popularity, this character got from the world, we have made some coloring pages of bolt the dog to print and download. Get these bolt coloring pages where penny is sitting with the bolt.

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Here you will get happy, angry, sleeping bolt coloring pages and these are very simple to color as kids love only easy coloring pictures.

Bolt Coloring Pages – 10 Unforgettable Coloring Pictures of Bolt

Angry Bolt: Bolt is in very angry mood, hey you, pussy cat, don’t come in front of the bolt otherwise he will beat you hard.

Bolt and Penny: Bolt and penny, both are going to have some fun and they are running very hard.

Bolt and Penny Sitting: So it seems that bolt and penny have something in mind and they going to crack this mystery. And that’s why penny is carrying this camera with her.

Shocked bolt: Oh my God, bolt got a big shock, there is one more dog in the house who is as cute as bolt. Shocked bolt is looking toward them.

To print. Both are sitting quietly and thinking about their sweet time and memories they have built together.

Bolt The Dog: Very confident bolt is standing in front of everyone. With so many powers he looks so amazing.

Bolt the Movie: 2008 was the year when Bolt movie was released. It was loved by all and we are still thinking of its next part.

Disney bolt: Bolt is an animated character created by Walt Disney, this bolt is very powerful and fun-loving.

Happy Bolt: So much relaxed and calm bolt is running with a cute smile on his face. He is really very happy.

Sleeping bolt: So its time to sleep for bolt, don’t you dare to disturb him from his comfort sleep.

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