How Colors Affect Your Appetite and Eating Habits

How Colors Affect Your Appetite and Eating Habits: Food is essential for the survival of human beings. It is a thing that is linked with the various emotions of the people such as memories, nostalgic moments, and feelings. When people pick up the food that they want to eat, most of them use their eyes to analyze the food first and you can call it “eating with eyes”.

How Color Affects Appetite
How Color Affects Appetite

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Marketing executives picked up on the importance of food appearance. A lot of factors affect the food sale such as how it has packed, its preparation, and the colors involved in the packaging of the food product. In that period, the potential customer is analyzing a product and made a subconscious judgment in the mind based on color.

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How Colors Affect Your Appetite and Eating Habits

It has also been shown in scientific studies that colors have a huge impact on the food whether it is appealing or not. Seeing food leads to different reactions inside the body. Hypothalamus is a part of our brain that regulates appetite and starts firing up. The appearance of the food causes saliva production in the glands and preparing to start eating.


When the food served on a red plate, then most of the foodies eat less than the average as shown in Appetite studies. Perhaps people tend to consume less quantity of the food as red is the color of dangers or even warning and does not look positive though.

On the flip side, some studies have shown some aspects that prove Red is an appetite stimulator. Even the red color is the appealing one and grabs the attention of a person at mere sight. It activates appetite and is used in many eateries in their logos and menus too.


Yellow is the color of happiness and thus, it is considered as a stimulator for appetite. When a person sees a yellow color, then it secretes more amount of serotonin, the hormone for feeling good. This is the reason that you have seen yellow color flowers in the restaurants as it brings positive energy among people and makes them feel optimistic.

The positivity excites people to squander more money on food. As similar to yellow, orange is the color of warmth and bring a feeling of comfort among food lovers.

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Blue is opposing red in terms of appetite. Let us blend both of these colors and Purple will incite a feeling of calmness as well as passion. While it is true that Purple is least used in marketing and brand logos as compared to others.

The color has a connection with royalty and wisdom historically, so it is widely used in practical or informational-related businesses. Some companies such as Cadbury and Wonka prefer purple that is related to chocolate products.

What’s more?

Other colors do not have an impact on the appetite like red and blue but they are popular for marketing purposes to convey a message to the audiences. Natural food comes with green colors such as veggies and healthy greens. The color is used in marketing is associated with healthy, sustainable, and organic products.

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