How To Color Coloring Pages? Best Tips For Kids

Coloring pages are the best way to enjoy your time at the fullest and also, have fun no matter whatever your age is. Even though the process of coloring pages is not at all difficult but some people find it a bit cumbersome to color such pictures. That is why we are here with some method of coloring and tactics that makes the whole coloring pages easy for people. Use all such tips to make the coloring easy and have more fun.

how to color coloring pages
how to color coloring pages

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How To Color Coloring Pages? Best Tips For Kids

Refine Palette

To provide more finish to the work and give a cohesive feeling, then it is recommended to picking up the colors for the larger area first. For instance, if you are working in a garden, then go for the surface first rather than individual plants and flowers. If all goes well, then your further choice will be clouted by a dominant color and unifying it too.

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Additionally, consider the direction of the varying strokes as color each section in a single direction but change the direction when you’re switching to another section. Do it comfortably, rather than changing your position, try to turn the page in a relevant direction.

Begin with basics

Pens or pencils? This is the toughest decision that can ever take by a colorer and one should make it wise too. Choosing pencils are the best decision because they are more versatile as well as forgiving than that of pens. You can create a lot of effects with them either by shading or putting more or less pressure and blending them to come up with something amazing.

It is a bit hard to create with pens. On the flip side, you can use pens for pops of color and can also be applied to pencils to add detailed-attention to it. Go for scented gel pens that work like the costly and graphic-designer types of gel pens, smell good too.

Thick layering

Layering is key to take the pencil coloring to the next level and create something unique. You should try to stack your colors. Like, you can begin with blue color, add green on top of it and then, yellow will make it a superrich combination of colors. Moreover, Colorless Blender pencils are the best way to integrate the layers. Make sure to clean the pencil tip by scribbling it on a blank sheet before you begin with the new color. Do not forget to warm up the blender.

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Sharpness is must

If you get details in the coloring work, then the pencil needs to be sharp and it is imperative though. Go for the Faber-Castell trio Sharpener as it works well with all types of pencil sizes. There is no need to plug it in.

Get painterly effect

Try to apply chalk pastel to fill the background with no pencil lines and use either swabs or cotton balls. Once it has done, then give it a light spritz with hair spray. Moreover, we have another way such as using baby oil brushed on pencil strokes that creates a smooth and paint-like finish.    

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